7 Strategy Questions to Create a Shared Map

Imagine being on a team trek and each person is following a slightly different destination and map. It would make progress hard work, slow and fractious.  We’ve all been there.

Many companies and organisations are like this.  People, teams, departments have a slightly different view of the destination and nobody is quite certain what the definitive route plan (strategy) is.

So here’s an exercise to see how far apart you are.  Send an email to your colleagues with these 7 questions and see how diverse the answers back are.

  1. What should we be famous for?
  2. What changes in our markets will most impact us?
  3. What are the most valuable emerging types of customer/important types of service user?
  4. What new sources of revenue should we be prioritising?
  5. Who are our most dangerous competitors?   (or for non-profits, What are our biggest hurdles?)
  6. List the three most important ways our company/organisation should be much better in five years time.
  7. What are our business priorities for the next 12 months?


If you did and your answers were not close enough, you could hold a session to help everyone get on the same map.   You could literally create a route map – a description of the destination, the waypoints and milestones, the pathways, obstacles and vehicles involved in the journey.  See here for some of the components of such an event:  http://www.optimaandco.com/facilitation/strategy-workshops/