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Facilitation and training room

Beach Babes and Bedouin Tents: Rooms that work for Groups

A few months ago, I was running a strategy event for a large international company.  It was held in Scheveningen, a very cool beach resort in the Netherlands – a mile of uber-funky restaurants.  As we were working and the sun was gently warming the day, I became aware of a silent procession of extremely good-looking

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Facilitator facilitation

10 Ways to Get the Best from your Facilitator

1.  Let the facilitator evaluate the situation.  A good facilitator is much more than someone who chairs the meeting you hand them.  Facilitators focus on outcomes – changes and results you wish to create.  So don’t just hand them your session design.  Use their diagnostic skils to understand your desired outcomes and what might prevent

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Business objectives 2014

Where are you going in 2014?

Are you out of or heading out of the doldrums?  I hope so.  It’s been such a loooooong time.  But all the indicators are starting to point towards economic growth. 2014 is around the corner.  Do you have any Business Resolutions?  Here are a few I’ve been working with clients on: And don’t forget to

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Business recipe chef

Business Models: Warren Buffett and the Michelin Starred Chef

Every year and sometimes a few times a year, I read the Annual Letter to Shareholders of the most successful investor in the world, Warren Buffett.  Why?  Because it contains more good sense about judging businesses and about management than just about anything else I know.  It’s also very humorous and honest and self-deprecating. One

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