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Managing under pressure

Staying Cool When the Heat is On: 16 Practical Ways to Lead and Manage through Stress

  “Lurching from one crisis to the next”. That’s how it is sometimes for leaders in stormy waters. “If only there were a dull moment”, one coaching client recently said. “I yearn for a dull moment”. Pressure and the resulting stress response is both part of the journey but potentially a big problem for leaders

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Facilitating conflict

Facilitating Conflict in Boards and Teams

You get a call.  Ostensibly, the request is couched as an innocuous “team-building day” for a senior team. But scratch beneath the surface, there is often unhelpful conflict that one or more of the group wants to work on and which has motivated them to get in contact.  The more I do, the more I

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Chairing Skills

Chairing Skills: The Socratic Method

The Chair is the Chief Facilitator of the Board.  Having an orderly process for dialogue makes meetings so much more satisfying.  When I train or coach Chairs, one of the tools they love is the Socratic Method of enquiry.  Two and a half thousand years old, named after Socrates, it’s a method of asking and answering questions to

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Pitching for success

Winning the tender process

After the brain-ache of creating a tender that gets shortlisted, you are invited to present/interview.  A frisson of excitement is followed by a fairly large black cloud as you think of the amount of work required to prepare.  Yet my guess is that most bidders focus on writing slides and don’t even do a run through to

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