Business and Executive Coaching

We coach Business Owners, Chairs, MDs, Board Members, Directors and Managers.  We don’t specialise in personal life coaching (e.g. weight loss, decluttering).  However, we do work with the whole person (stress levels, work-life balance, personal goals, self-confidence) where important to do so.  We have an individual approach for each person.  The core structure is familiar:

  • Define your business and personal strategy
  • Define Key Result Areas
  • Evaluate your practices
  • Create personal implementation/change plan

  Coaching is usually constructed as a series of action-focused conversations.  Here is a typical six-session pack:

  • Telephone call to set up the process
  • Pre-work focused on what you want to achieve
  • Meeting 1:  Sometimes face to face for 2-3 hours to work on e.g. goals or the key issues you want to work on.
  • Homework:  an assignment that moves you towards your goal of behaviour and results change
  • Meeting 2:  Usually an hour.  Progress report, new issues, barriers and enablers.
  • Homework:  an assignment that moves you towards your goal of behaviour and results change

This pattern repeats until you have made the changes you wish to make. Coaching programmes are built specifically for the coachee.  We have a number of formal and less formal methods that include:

  • Getting to Know You

    I have a particular process and set of questions which helps us get to know each other, so we can talk openly, without fear of judgment and, where necessary, where you explain patterns that are not working for you.

  • Goal Setting

    Goals focus us – increase our motivation and streamline our effort.  A major part of coaching is setting goals.  What are your unmet ambitions?  What false or hollow goals have you been pursuing that no longer serve you?  We use a variety of Neuro Linguistic processes to articulate goals in a way that makes it much more likely you will achieve them.

  • Stakeholder analysis

    (self, family, board, boss, colleagues, employees, shareholders, customers).  What do those whose lives you contribute to want and need of you?  To what extent are we meeting their needs?  What conflicts and dilemmas does this provoke or create?  Where are you in all of this?  Are you meeting your needs?  It’s essential if you are going to maintain motivation and momentum.

  • 360 feedback sessions

    If appropriate, we conduct some 360 degree feedback either by phone, face to face or electronically.  We have a variety of tools for doing this.

  • Knowledge and Skills review

    What resources and capabilities do you need to achieve your goals?  Which do you have and which not?  What can you do to develop or find the skills you need?

  • Priority and Time Management Review

    A major part of coaching is about giving time to the things you want to achieve.  A major reason people want coaching is because they are overloaded and they want to get clear about their priorities and their time allocation.  We use two principal methods to achieve this with you.  They range from tweaking to a complete reorganisation of working methods.  Most importantly, we work on what it is that drives your allocation – the external and the internal factors – and how best to balance them.

  • Management of dilemmas and difficult situations

    Sometimes, to make big changes, difficult decisions need to be taken.  I can help you weigh them up and decide what to do.  Examples include succession planning, sale or purchase of a business, promotions, restructuring, new product introductions or product deletions.

  • Performance Management Coaching

    I regularly work with individuals and teams to help them clarify business and performance objectives and then help them put in place a plan to meet them.  For example, I recently worked with a small team whose commercial performance was lagging behind competitors.  With my assistance, they developed a new marketing and sales plan, a visible monitoring system and set new weekly targets and start-the-week meetings to get people roused and ready for action.

  • Motivation and morale

    To take action, your desire for the result must be greater than your fear of failure.  Coaching helps you clarify your motivations – what’s really important to you.  It helps you to connect to that source of power.  In doing so, your goals will become much more achievable.  I use a variety of NLP methods to work on this aspect.


 Clients Say

Jim facilitated my annual appraisal as a Board Chair for several years. His approach was thorough, appropriately challenging and highly personable. He helped me to understand more about how I could improve my performance as a NED by encouraging me to think about the role from different perspectives. I would recommend him in that role at any time.
Colin Sherriff
Chair / Origin Group
Jim is a exceptional person who I was priveleged to work with during my time at Honeyrose. His ability for clear thought, insight and problem solving was a great help to me and Honeyrose and I look forward to being able to work with Jim again in the future.
Andy Tharp
Foodservice Development Manager / General Mills
Over the past 2.5 years Jim has proven to be an extremely insightful, knowledgabe and challenging mentor. He is able to quickly relate to my sales / business development issues and provide meaningful advice and support. There is no doubt that my sales ability and confidence have increased as a result of working with Jim.
Paul Hart
Water Business Development Director, Royal HaskoningDHV Australia / Royal HaskoningDHV, Global Engineering Company

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