Business Planning and Strategy

Here are some of the areas we can assist with:

  • Business Planning

We “deliver” Business Plans through a mix of collaborative writing sessions, individual and small group work. We have a wide range of approaches and designs.  These include Business Model Canvas – a methodology that provides excellent insight into your underlying strategy.  We harness technology to do group-writing.  This means that the outputs of the sessions are much more detailed and give you and your teams a head start in writing your Business Plan.  We provide structures, models, frameworks and challenge to help you develop your strategy and the resulting strategic plan.  We have facilitated, supported or undertaken Business Planning in dozens of sectors.

  • Business Planning:  Competitive Review

We help you conduct corporate, product, service analysis using the need/feature analysis.  We help you to develop a picture of your products’ performance in the market in comparison to competitors and help you develop practical plans to move to your desired position.

  • Business Planning:  Market Analysis

Is a market worth entering?  How does it segment?  What is the intensity of competition?  What are the long term prospects for revenue and profit growth?  How vulnerable is it to disruptive technologies, processes or competitors?  How good a fit is it with your overall direction and your near-term capabilities?  What is your entry or exit strategy?  All of these and more are some of the questions we could cover in the market analysis segment of a strategy project or event.

  • Customer Analysis and Purchase Pattern Analysis

Who is your customer?  In the cases of complex purchases, we delineate the formal and informal roles.  What are the purchase motivations?  How does the purchase process work?  When do they buy?   What stimulates purchase and how can you use this information to get into position earlier in the process?  What are their purchasing criteria?  What is your Recency, Frequency and Value information telling you about your position and about opportunities for growth?  You can do this as part of a Business Planning exercise or as a stand-alone effort.

  • Product and Service Portfolio and Market Positioning 

Where are your products and services positioned in your market?   There are numerous ways of viewing this – quality/price, lead-feature analysis, segmental coverage.  We work with you to understand your and competitors positions and work out where there are viable and profitable market gaps or unmet needs.

  • Proposition Development

What is your proposition at the moment?  Does this fit with the economics and preferences of your customer base in the future?  How does yours compare with other competitors’ propositions?  Is yours under threat?  We use a scientific method, known to few, to evaluate your proposition.  This can either be a part of your Business Planning approach or it can be an indvidually tailored event or exercise.

  • Sales and Marketing Planning  

Sales and Maketing should be at the heart of your Business Planning.  We can start with a ridiculous but insight-provoking question:  How is it possible that not all customers bought from you?  What would you need to do/change to completely sweep up in this market?  Customers are continuously expecting something more, something next – how will you stay one step ahead?  What is your current customer base and how will you manage and grow it?  Which customers and segments are you not gaining and how could you?  How productive have you been in terms of your sales efforts?   What could you improve?  How might marketing better support your direct selling efforts?  How could you improve your selling through channels and intermediaries?  What are your sales measures telling you about your performance as a business?  Where are the prime areas for improvement in terms of process, skill, coverage and overall sales outcomes?

  • Housing Strategies

One of our niche areas is working with landlords – Housing Associations and Local Authorities – to develop strategies.  Here are some of the topics we work on:  Which parts of the market do and should we serve?  What is our service and geographical focus?  What are the imperatives in terms of service improvement and asset maintenance and improvement?  What do our tenants and stakeholders expect of us?  How are we performing in each of the core disciplines and what are the opportunities for improvement?  What significant changes would most enable us to improve?  What is our relative focus and resource allocation across competing priorities?  What changes would most improve the customer’s experience and lives?  What are the specific and significant threats and risks and how do we manage these? And lots more …  We would tailor our approach and/or an event entirely around your needs.

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Jim is an exceptional guru, consultant and advisor. He outhinks any other consultant I have met ...and he's on your side. Practical 'cos he runs his own very sucessful business but enjoys coaching/consultancy. Every time I spend a session with Jim I walk away with a big smile and a fistful of unstoppable ideas.
John Donnelly
MD / The Boss Whisperer
I worked with Jim on a piece of consultancy around the government's business advice services. Jim provided great leadership for the team keeping the work on track and always bringing it back to practical outcomes. His contextual understanding was invaluable. As I watch project managers being fired by the week on the apprentice they could all learn from him how t do it. If I was Lord Sugar I'd hire JIm
Nick Holley
Director Centre for HR Excellence at Henley Business School; Former Director of Global People Development, Vodafone plc
Jim is a exceptional person who I was priveleged to work with during my time at Honeyrose. His ability for clear thought, insight and problem solving was a great help to me and Honeyrose and I look forward to being able to work with Jim again in the future.
Andy Tharp
Foodservice Development Manager / General Mills
For almost 10 years Jim has been my first port of call for a steer on anything centred around developing people and teams. He gives of his time freely and will challenge and narrow down the precise requirements. Hugely competent and knowledgeable, his pithy direct style is so refreshing; Jim is a joy to work with.
Mark Nicholls
MD / Tectona
Jim ran some very effective Assessment Centres. He also facilitated a number of workshops and meetings to help the team capture Best Practice. Jim was always very accessible and ready to provide fresh thinking and new ideas. He has a vast knowledge base and his genuinely cheerful and positive energy cut through ambiguity and vague thinking, helping you to arrive at very results oriented and practical actions that make a difference.
David Klaasen
MD / Inspired Working
As well as being one of the good guys. Jim is an inspirational colleague who is always a pleasure to work with. He is highly motivated and an excellent project director and deliverer.
Lyn Wakefield
MD / Sunfish UK Ltd
We engaged Jim to assist us in defining clear and meaningful management roles for our senior members of staff. He managed to make a complicated process seem very straightforward and we were extremely pleased with the results.
Vernon Cole
Director / Cole Jarman Ltd


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