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We have extensive experience of projects focused on developing your people.  Here are just some of the areas we typically get involved in:

  • Organisational Capability Requirements Review and Plan

What skills and capabilities enable you to win and keep business?   Which are most required to enable you to leapfrog competitors?  In which areas do you most need to strengthen your capacity?  What is your strength in core functions?  What expansion capabilities do you need to deploy to keep ahead of the market and competition?  How strong is your management team?  How well do your core processes work from a people point of view?  What is your resourcing strategy with regard to selection, reward and performance management?

  • Organisational Culture

The most powerful thing any leader can do is develop a culture fits your future environment.  Using a variety of formal and informal tools, we research your current organisational culture and help you develop a blueprint for the cultural characteristics you wish to develop and a practical roadmap to do so.

  • Performance Management Frameworks

We develop and deploy appraisal systems, 360 and 180 degree feedback processes including feedback services.  We Appraiser company Chairmen, MDs and Directors as part of our governance review services.  Jim is a Director of a company who are providing a rigorous appraisal services to over 2,000 NHS Consultants.

  • Competencies

We define a sleek definition of the skills and knowledge required by your people.  We specifically seek to understand the difference between acceptable and high performance.  What are the knowledge, skill and attitude distinctions?

  • Management Process Review

We will work with you to develop recommendations about how to improve goal clarity, performance management, internal communications and employee engagement.  We are often called to observe and feedback on meetings – how well are you interacting?  Is it productive?  How do you deal with blockages and problems?

  • Recruitment

We have run a wide variety of assessment centres and structured interview processes.   This is both to improve the existing talent base and also during internal restructuring.

  • Succession Planning

We work with your top team to identify succession options and, where required, will make recommendations.   It starts with identification of job roles, evaluation of existing candidates and may well include a range of evaluation methods such as psychometrics, skills analysis, behavioural event interviewing, 360 degree feedback.  It may also include coaching and mentoring of those chosen to work on a succession path and those not.

  • Learning and Development Planning

Organisational Development Strategies, Learning Needs Analysis, Development Centres, Team and Individual Development.


Clients Say

Jim is an exceptional guru, consultant and advisor. He outhinks any other consultant I have met ...and he's on your side. Practical 'cos he runs his own very sucessful business but enjoys coaching/consultancy. Every time I spend a session with Jim I walk away with a big smile and a fistful of unstoppable ideas.
John Donnelly
MD / The Boss Whisperer
I worked with Jim on a piece of consultancy around the government's business advice services. Jim provided great leadership for the team keeping the work on track and always bringing it back to practical outcomes. His contextual understanding was invaluable. As I watch project managers being fired by the week on the apprentice they could all learn from him how t do it. If I was Lord Sugar I'd hire JIm
Nick Holley
Director Centre for HR Excellence at Henley Business School; Former Director of Global People Development, Vodafone plc
Jim is a exceptional person who I was priveleged to work with during my time at Honeyrose. His ability for clear thought, insight and problem solving was a great help to me and Honeyrose and I look forward to being able to work with Jim again in the future.
Andy Tharp
Foodservice Development Manager / General Mills
For almost 10 years Jim has been my first port of call for a steer on anything centred around developing people and teams. He gives of his time freely and will challenge and narrow down the precise requirements. Hugely competent and knowledgeable, his pithy direct style is so refreshing; Jim is a joy to work with.
Mark Nicholls
MD / Tectona
Jim ran some very effective Assessment Centres. He also facilitated a number of workshops and meetings to help the team capture Best Practice. Jim was always very accessible and ready to provide fresh thinking and new ideas. He has a vast knowledge base and his genuinely cheerful and positive energy cut through ambiguity and vague thinking, helping you to arrive at very results oriented and practical actions that make a difference.
David Klaasen
MD / Inspired Working
As well as being one of the good guys. Jim is an inspirational colleague who is always a pleasure to work with. He is highly motivated and an excellent project director and deliverer.
Lyn Wakefield
MD / Sunfish UK Ltd
We engaged Jim to assist us in defining clear and meaningful management roles for our senior members of staff. He managed to make a complicated process seem very straightforward and we were extremely pleased with the results.
Vernon Cole
Director / Cole Jarman Ltd


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