Jim McLaughlin, Facilitator, Trainer, Consultant, Coach

Jim McLaughlin


If you’ve found the material on this site useful and would like to discuss a specific opportunity or problem, please contact me and we can have an informal chat. It’s not on the meter, obviously, and I am told I am generous with my time.

If you are doing something really innovative or socially worthwhile and don’t think you can afford professional help, give me a call anyway.    Sometimes a 20 minute chat can point you towards resources and people who can help further.  And I sometimes take on good causes because it gives me the honour of making a contribution to society.

Maybe you want to get an idea if what you want to do is affordable or whether your DIY approach is viable.  I am quick to give you estimates and, unlike many, I almost never end up charging you more than we initially agreed (it’s a consultants trick to bid low and then ratchet up the scope/price – I don’t approve).

Whatever … feel free to give me a call or drop me a message – either on the form below or my email address – 07931 382676 or email If you think there is mileage in more, we can meet (again off the meter) to explore in more depth. Thanks for your interest.


Kind regards  

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