Strategy Workshops

Strategy Workshops and Away Days can be valuable or merely time consuming.

To be valuable, Strategy Workshops must be relevant, progressive and enjoyable.  To achieve that, we do sufficient reconnaissance to understand:

  • The commercial or business challenges your organisation faces
  • The opportunities you have yet to exploit
  • The ways in which the organisation and the Senior Leadership Team is functioning well and ways it is not

Maybe you want to focus on commercials or maybe you want to resolve some relationship issues with more light than heat.

Our role is to design a stimulating event that people agree was productive, action oriented and that moves your business forward.

Some of the components may include:

Strategy Workshop:  Strategic Review and Planning

We have some excellent interactive methods to stretch your thinking.  Sometimes, we work with a web-based programme to co-create a plan over two days.  Other times, a whole room becomes your canvas as you work on your strategic challenges and opportunities

Strategy Workshop: New Market/Product Brainstorms and Progression

Using creative techniques coupled with clear market analysis, we help you to generate ideas and then put them through an evaluation process to ensure they are wise investments.  We’ve helped people to envisage products that have gone on to achieve millions in revenue.

Away Day:  Board and Team Building

A fun exercise is all well and good.  They can be memorable and can be a vehicle for an insightful conversation.  We also add to the mix psychometric tools, real work exercises, after-action reviews.  We aim to help you understand each others’ strengths and gaps.  We help you to understand where you complement each other and when you need to be aware of potential moments of conflict.  Crucially, we help you to take away actions that enable you to work together in a more productive and amenable way.

Away Day:  Sales and Marketing Development  

As a qualified marketer, I’ve worked with many organisations and teams to plan sales improvement and marketing development.  Events are highly specific and practical.  We mix rigorous analysis with creative invention to help you develop commercial advantage.

Away Day:  Problem Solving

You may have a specific problem you need to work through together.  We can provide a method and the supportive/challenging input to help you crack it.

Away Day:  Performance Improvement

We help you to describe your performance in each area of the business.  We help you to define the strategically and commercially important activities and evaluate your performance against them.  We can help you to analyse current performance to find efficiencies and innovations.  We can help you to review similar activities by similar and dissimilar businesses to discover ways you can learn and improve.   Most of all, we can help you to have deep and honest conversations about what you want to be more effective at and how you might achieve this.

Away Day:  Succession Planning

We can run assessment processes to give you advice on deploying colleagues.  This may include some facilitated aspects to define the role specification in detail and to give all an opportunity to understand the requirements.  Typically, a succession project for, say, Managing Director, will involve multiple further steps including psychometric assessments, individual interviews, 360 degree feedback processes and structured experience evaluation.

Away Day: Governance Evaluation

We’ve worked in a number of organisations to review their governance arrangements.  These range from a detailed evaluation using one to one meetings and detailed questionnaires through to group workshops to evaluate board composition, skills, performance, risk management, delegation processes and the extent of support and challenge.


Clients Say

Great facilitator, capable of helping you to reach new heights - but always with a focus on practicality and implementation. Jim knows that it is what gets done that matters - not what gets said or thought! 
Highly recommended!
Mike Chitty
md / Realise Development
Jim is a very personable and experienced manager and leader who is able to quickly get to grips with the requirements of an assignment to deliver the desired output to a high standard. Jim is a strong facilitator and particularly excels in any task that requires an element of challenge, collaborative working and innovation and new thinking.
Joanne Williams
Senior Manager / Various Orgainsations
Jim is the most talented large group facilitator I know. One of his clients even moved the date of their national conference, just so they could ensure they got to use Jim. He’s the best in the business at getting buy-in, and is a master of guiding people through attitude change. When Jim facilitates an event, it’s enjoyable, engaging and impactful.
Resli Costabell
International Keynote Speaker / Costabell Ltd
Jim managed a strategic planning retreat for my management team. It was fab. Very focussed, very enjoyable and with great outputs. 

He's a big guy with immense integrity and fab ideas.
Steve Andrews
CEO / Solar Aid Ltd
Jim is an absolute pleasure to work with. He helped design and facilitated a large staff conference (450 staff) effortlessly, bringing what can be a disparate group of people together using humour, integrity and a clear focus on the key messages of the day. Jim always goes the extra mile, giving costructive and well observed feedback to help relationships move forward and a huge dose of creativity. I would highly recommend him for facilitation, Executive coaching and creative problem solving and development.
Tracey Webb
Head of Organisation Development / Network Housing


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