Team Building

A team away day gives you the time and space to plan your next big steps.

Here are just some of the components that we commonly are asked to work on.

  • Performance Review

    An honest and constructive look at what has worked well and what hasn’t.  We encourage people to explore the critical activities and rate their performance – productivity, competitive comparison, process evaluation – against each Key Result Area.  Whilst we offer frameworks, we make it okay for people to say what they really think and feel.

  • Team Business Planning

    What is your purpose and role as a team?  How does your focus need to change?  How do you fit into the new initiatives and imperatives driving the rest of the business?  What needs more resource and what needs less?   How do you need to interface with internal and external colleagues?  What do you need to achieve in the coming period?  How will you measure and manage results?  Who is going to have what RACI (Responsibility, Accountability, Consultation, Influence) over your Key Result Areas?

  • Market/Product Strategy

    A segment in your event to create a product/market strategy can take many forms.  Some of the techniques we use include:  Customer Needs Evaluation, Competitive Set Benchmarking and market mapping, market gap evaluation, product/service hypotheses and proposal development, radical innovation process to spot new potential business models in the sector, pricing strategies, feature weighting, lead feature identification, Product/Service development process using a model akin to the Stage Gating method.

  • Process Improvement

    Some processes give you critical advantages – either through customer preference or lower cost.  Think about the business model breakthroughs of the past 15 years – Amazon, Ryanair, Oyster Cards, First Direct, Direct Line – they all are born of a radical rethink of a core process.  Our approach to process improvement involves a mixture of consultancy and group working.  We start by looking at the role of the process in creating the service experience or the product.  We analyse the cost of the process and the value it creates.  We then map out the processes with your team, through observation of what ACTUALLY happens across a range of randomly selected cases.  We start by asking – is this process necessary or could it be done another way?  If necessary, can it be reduced or re-engineered to create greater value?  If so, what are the crucial inefficiencies?  Where does the process stall?  Where is the risk?  Where are the resource bottlenecks?  What are the automation or self service options?  Who does this better and how?  We work towards a number of redesigns – innovation comes from diverse thinking.  Then we make arrangements to test the process – on paper first, then for real with real customers or inputs.  When you have decided on what changes to make, we can help you put together an Implementation Plan.  We can help you to achieve not just efficiencies.

  • Team Dynamics Development

  • We use models such as Belbin and Social Styles to shed light on personality.  Is any conflict interpersonal – about style – or is it situational – about misaligned objectives or resources?   We use models such as Belbin and Social Styles to shed light on personality and working traits.  This gives people a way of understanding what’s not working in the relationship.  We provide opportunities for individual feedback and working relationship agreements.  This is a structured process to enable people to agree ways of working together productively in detail.
  • Project Scoping and Initial Planning  

    The set up process has a significant influence on its outcome.  We work with your Project Management method to create the initial scope.  We see our role as agent-provacateur – to challenge, to spot the gremlins and the risks, to see if there are ways you can leverage more value, guarantee your timeframes, make your budgets unassailable.  At the end of the process, you leave with a unified view of what you are seeking to achieve, the key steps in the process and a plan to make a start.

  • Project Review Boards/Meetings

    Sometimes, it is helpful to have an external facilitator to run a Project Review.  We review all the documentation and speak to the key people.  We run a no-blame assessment of where we are, with a wise eye on some of the laws of project management!  We challenge and push the group to come up with appropriate changes to scope or effort or resource in the critical tasks.  We run events like this with a can-do, solutions focus, no matter how tough the current situation.

  • Team Celebration Events

    Sometimes, you just need to celebrate your successes.  We can organise a wide variety of events from celebration awards to simple fun days out to do something interesting.


Clients Say

Jim is an absolute pleasure to work with. He helped design and facilitated a large staff conference (450 staff) effortlessly, bringing what can be a disparate group of people together using humour, integrity and a clear focus on the key messages of the day. Jim always goes the extra mile, giving costructive and well observed feedback to help relationships move forward and a huge dose of creativity. I would highly recommend him for facilitation, Executive coaching and creative problem solving and development.
Tracey Webb
Head of Organisation Development / Network Housing
Jim is the most talented large group facilitator I know. One of his clients even moved the date of their national conference, just so they could ensure they got to use Jim. He’s the best in the business at getting buy-in, and is a master of guiding people through attitude change. When Jim facilitates an event, it’s enjoyable, engaging and impactful.
Resli Costabell
International Keynote Speaker / Costabell Ltd
Jim is a very personable and experienced manager and leader who is able to quickly get to grips with the requirements of an assignment to deliver the desired output to a high standard. Jim is a strong facilitator and particularly excels in any task that requires an element of challenge, collaborative working and innovation and new thinking.
Joanne Williams
Senior Manager / Various Orgainsations
Great facilitator, capable of helping you to reach new heights - but always with a focus on practicality and implementation. Jim knows that it is what gets done that matters - not what gets said or thought! 
Highly recommended!
Mike Chitty
md / Realise Development
Jim managed a strategic planning retreat for my management team. It was fab. Very focussed, very enjoyable and with great outputs. 

He's a big guy with immense integrity and fab ideas.
Steve Andrews
CEO / Solar Aid Ltd


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