Housing Projects

For the past twenty years, we’ve been assisting Housing Associations to plan and improve.

We’ve worked with over twenty associations from some of the largest to some of the smallest.  Here are some examples of projects we have done:

Housing Association Governance

  • Governance Reviews to evaluate fitness for purpose and performance of Boards, Subsidiary Boards and Board Members.
  • Governance Improvement – coaching Boards and Chairs of Boards to improve the quality of scrutiny and challenge they provide.
  • Governance Conferences – facilitating 70+ Board Members in a variety of situations (e.g. under formal supervision, wanting restructure, merging).
  • Chair Appraisal – confidential 360 degree appraisal and feedback session for Chairs.
  • Board Member Appraisal – assisting the Chair with performance review and planning of Board Members.
  • Board Restructuring – comprising skills analysis, person specification, evaluation of members and sitting on the selection committee as an independent.
  • Board Paper Improvement – a comprehensive review and coaching programme to improve the provision and use of information and data at Group and Subsidiary Board levels.
  • Facilitation of tenant focus groups and fora.
  • Tenant Committee Coaching – assisting tenants to take up their scrutiny duties more ably.


Housing Planning 

  • Board Planning Events – many strategic planning sessions over 0.5 to 2 days to review strategic direction.
  • Strategic Planning for Local Authority Housing Departments including facilitation of 90 person stakeholder conference, Senior Management sessions, Local Area Partnership sessions.
  • Service Planning – including acute problem solving and service innovation.
  • Joint Planning in partnering arrangements.
  • Team Planning – including setting up the process for managing progress.


Training and Development in the Housing Sector

  • Staff Conferences – large group events with highly engaging, creative sessions covering planning, service delivery, culture, innovation
  • Working with your Board – a highly acclaimed one day programme to improve Board paper writing and presentation skills.  This has been delivered to over a dozen Housing Associations with participants ranging from those who are early in their career to Chief Executives.
  • Action Learning for Senior Managers/Deputy Directors , supporting substantial change agendas.
  • Management Training in preparation for a large-scale stock transfer.
  • Training a large local authority housing team in the new governance regime.



 Housing Associations

Clients Say

Jim is a very personable and experienced manager and leader who is able to quickly get to grips with the requirements of an assignment to deliver the desired output to a high standard. Jim is a strong facilitator and particularly excels in any task that requires an element of challenge, collaborative working and innovation and new thinking.
Joanne Williams
Senior Manager / Various Orgainsations
Jim has made a very significant contribution to our work over a number of years, he has built up a real reservoir of trust with our boards and our officers at all levels, whilst at the same time ensuring that his contributions are challenging and effective.
John Beha
Chair (past) / Origin Group
Jim is an absolute pleasure to work with. He helped design and facilitated a large staff conference (450 staff) effortlessly, bringing what can be a disparate group of people together using humour, integrity and a clear focus on the key messages of the day. Jim always goes the extra mile, giving costructive and well observed feedback to help relationships move forward and a huge dose of creativity. I would highly recommend him for facilitation, Executive coaching and creative problem solving and development.
Tracey Webb
Head of Organisation Development / Network Housing
Jim facilitated my annual appraisal as a Board Chair for several years. His approach was thorough, appropriately challenging and highly personable. He helped me to understand more about how I could improve my performance as a NED by encouraging me to think about the role from different perspectives. I would recommend him in that role at any time.
Colin Sherriff
Chair / Origin Group


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