The Management Training Programme

We can provide this highly flexible, tailored management training programme to your organisation in a one day, two day or module version.  We simply select the elements and add in whatever is missing.

  • Role and expectation of Managers in your organisation

    Managers operate differently in each organisation.  In some organisations, there is an expectation of consistency of approach.  In others, the manager is left to his or her own devices to manage as they see fit.  What are your organisations expectations?  What are the assumptions, explicit and implicit ground rules about how managers should be from the perspective of your senior leadership team, your peers and your staff?

  • Attributes of excellent managers – the findings of research

    We look at management in different contexts and the findings of research about managerial effectiveness.  An interactive session, designed to make managers realise that one style does not fit all circumstances and that flexibility is important.

  • The Managerial Competency Profile

    An interactive exercise where participants build a model of an effective manager.  We then cross-reference it with other models to enrich participants understanding of the skills of management.  We hone into important ones and describe in detail the behaviours required to achieve the outcome sought.

  • Managerial Styles Frameworks

    We provide a thinking tool for individuals to evaluate their own style – it’s shortcomings and its advantages.

  • Who are you as a manager?

    The most successful managers are authentic and aligned.  They have integrity.  That is to say their behaviours are in line with their espoused values and their inner beliefs.  We run a series of simulation exercises to draw out the core values and beliefs of each manager.  We conduct a lively debate around values in management and how to resolve values conflicts, which are often at the heart of problematic manager-staff relationships.

  • Your Strengths and Weaknesses  

    This can be started before the programme with 360 feedback or it can be reflection on the programme using our framework.  We help participants to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses against the needs of the role and in the context of the team they are managing.  We help them to define specific activities and describe intended practical approaches to their development.

  • Core people management skills  

    We take a look at and rehearse some of the best methods for some of the main things managers have to do:

  1. Task Management
  2. Delegation
  3. Supervision
  4. Development of colleague


  • Dealing with difficult situations  

    Management is easy until you have dilemmas and difficulties.  We work through a variety of real-to-life scenarios pertinent to the needs of the participants.  It’s great fun, very stimulating and the perfect place to practice the skills learned through the course.


Clients Say

Jim ran some very effective Assessment Centres. He also facilitated a number of workshops and meetings to help the team capture Best Practice. Jim was always very accessible and ready to provide fresh thinking and new ideas. He has a vast knowledge base and his genuinely cheerful and positive energy cut through ambiguity and vague thinking, helping you to arrive at very results oriented and practical actions that make a difference.
David Klaasen
MD / Inspired Working
I have worked with Jim through a business development course and found him to have been absolutely brilliant and I'm pleased to have had the opportunity to learn from his experience.
Tara Leigh Mcvey
Principal Consultant / URS Corporation
Jim ran a business development programme for fifteen of my staff at Royal Haskoning. Our primary aim was to change the culture of our approach to sales: to be more proactive in developing and closing opportunities. Jim's approach was fantastic throughout the programmme. He has a pragmatic and down to earth style that really inspires people to follow through. He is focussed on delivering great outcomes and the team have been truly fired up to make a difference. I have no hesitation in recommending Jim.
Sarah Budd
Business Unit Director Maritime and Waterways - UK, Asia, Australia / Royal HaskoningDHV
Jim is an ultimate professional who I have worked with on the Royal Haskoning Business Development Programme. His key skill is his ability to identify an individuals strengths and work at developing that. Jim is personable and creative in his approach to coaching. As far as I am concerned he has been at the forefront of making the Royal Haskoning Business Development Programme a success.
Laura Orton
Scientist / Royal HaskoningDHV, Global Engineering Company
I have worked with Jim over many years; he has the genuine ability to enthuse and motivate individuals and teams to excellence. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and is innovative, totally reliable, very approachable and open to new ideas at all times. I can't recommend Jim highly enough.
Sarah Wearing
CEO / The Art of Balance Ltd
Jim has an amazing quality to connect with people and really inspire them to make changes that get real results. My team are always fired up and ready to make things happen after a session with Jim. He is also a thoroughly nice guy...such a pleasure to work with!
Leigh Ashton
MD and Author / The Sales Consultancy
I first came across Jim in about 2001 when I was looking at putting on a series of breakfast marketing seminars for SMEs- Jim had creative ideas and was well received by those attending. I found him easy to work with and delivered the results I needed. I then came across Jim in 2009 when he delivered some workshops for Business Link on working with SMEs - he has a great presenting style and delivered great results
Cheryl Palmer
Practice Manager / Stanford Medical Centre


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